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What is the option for registration of a domain name?

It is nothing more than a priority to register a domain name dropped by a current registrant. Only one option may be set for a particular domain name. You can buy an option through registrars participating in the NASK Partner Programme (marked in the list of registrars with a tag ). The agreement is concluded for three years and is subject to be extended for another three years.


Please note that buying an option does not guarantee that you will register a domain name. It gives certainty that you will be the first in line to register a domain name during the term of service (3 years) if the agreement with a current registrant of that domain name is terminated within that time period. Particular terms and conditions of options you will find in the Regulations of Option for Registration of a Domain Name. We encourage to get acquainted with their contents.

How to buy an option?

All questions regarding fees and a procedure on how to buy an option should be referred directly to registrars (marked in the list of registrars with a tag OPTION), which are ready to provide you with their offers.

Where to check if an option for a particular domain name has not been purchased yet?

Information on whether an option for a particular domain name has been purchased you will find in the WHOIS database at dns.pl

Who has bought an option?

If you want to know who has bought an option, send to NASK a written request for providing such information. Remember that the data of an option holder may be provided only in accordance with the provisions of personal data protection regulations, therefor your request has to meet the conditions specified in the data protection act. Address for service of requests: NASK, ul. Kolska 12, 01-045 Warsaw.

Can the option service be transferred to another registrar?

Yes, in accordance with the applicable procedure of your option registrar. This process is similar to the domain service transfer. For more information please visit this site.