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.pl Registry Lock (FAQ)

You can purchase it at your registrar, if it declared that it provides such service.

.pl Registry Lock operates from the moment of its activation to the moment of its deactivation. In both cases you shall receive a message from the .pl domain Registry to your e-mail address referred to us through your registrar.

NASK does not charge any fees. Ask your registrar about its pricelist regarding .pl Registry Lock.

You need to remember that your data stored in the .pl domain Registry need to be always up-to-date and complete. It is not only your right but also your obligation.

You also need to remember that .pl Registry Lock prohibits updating the data of the subscriber and the domain name, e.g. address data or change of the delegation of the domain name. In order to do so, you have to order your registrar to deactivate .pl Registry Lock. Re-activation is possible in accordance with the terms and pricelist applied by your registrar.

No. Changes of data require deactivation of .pl Registry Lock, regardless of the fact whether the change is obligatory (e.g. change of address, residence, the last name or a company) or results solely from your own need (e.g. change of the delegation of your domain name).

If a change of the subscriber’s data locked by .pl Registry Lock is necessary, it will have to be deactivated. It is your responsibility as a subscriber of the .pl domain name and such need should be reported to your registrar. It concerns all scenarios related to modification of data, regardless of the fact whether it is obligatory (e.g. change of your address or other contact data, change of the last name or a company) or results solely from your own will (e.g. you want to change the delegation of your domain name). Deactivation shall also be necessary when there is a need for a transfer of service of your domain name to another registrar.

Remember that taking care of the correctness and up-to-date status of your data, stored in the .pl domain Registry, is your obligation.

Yes, but only in exceptional circumstances, e.g. legally-binding decision of a court, failure to fulfil the obligation to update data. As a principle, your registrar does not operate without your initiative when establishing or removing .pl Registry Lock.

Each registrar applies its own verification procedures. Contact it in order to clarify the current phase of your order.

In such case you should immediately contact your registrar.

Yes. .pl Registry Lock makes it impossible to use the authorization code (so called authinfo) in order to transfer the service of the domain name to another registrar.

The lock significantly restricts the risk of deletion of the domain name, but it does not concern actions such as termination of the agreement as a result of failure to pay the fees associated with the domain name for a subsequent settlement period, legally binding decisions of a court or breaching the provisions of the .pl Domain Name Regulations. In such cases the domain name can be deleted.

In such case .pl Registry Lock for your domain name shall be automatically deactivated. It will be necessary to indicate a new registrar as quickly as possible, in accordance with the viNASK transfer procedure. If you select a new registrar that services .pl Registry Lock you will be able to once again secure your domain name in that manner.

For that purpose, before the activation of .pl Registry Lock you need to determine the delegation of your domain name to name servers established therein, e.g. for your domain name “registrylock.pl” you determine name servers: “ns1.registrylock.pl” and “ns2.registrylock.pl”. Determining name servers, e.g. “ns1.registry-lock.pl” and “ns2.registry-lock.pl” you will not accomplish that result.

Activation and deactivation of .pl Registry Lock do not affect the ability to file disputes on domain names.