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Domain name management

If you are a registrant of a domain name, it depends on you what is happening with your name, e.g. to which servers it is delegated, what the registrar of the domain name is. All actions, related to domain management, are realized through a chosen registrar.

Actions regarding a domain name which may be taken by a registrant:
  • change of domain delegation
  • update of registrant’s data
  • change of domain registrant
  • resignation from a domain name
  • transfer of domain service
  • payment of a fee for the renewal of a domain name

The actions, mentioned above, should be taken in accordance with the procedures specified by the registrar of a domain name. All questions regarding procedures should be referred to the registrar which will provide you with specific information and help in case of any problems.

If you consider the registrar’s procedures inconsistent with .pl Domain Name Regulations and/or you think that those procedures infringe the registrant’s rights, please report it to NASK. More information on the registrant’s rights may be found on this website.

Remember that if you are not satisfied with the services, provided by your registrar, you can change it and transfer the domain service to other entity. As a registrant of a domain name, you are entitled thereto. More information on the transfer of domain service may be found on this website.

Check current registrant’s and registrar’s data in the WHOIS database.

Transfer from viNASK

When the cooperation between NASK and a registrar has ceased, for domain names, serviced by that registrar, a virtual registrar, viNASK, will appear in the WHOIS database.

If this situation applies to your domain name, you should immediately transfer it to other registrar. If you do not have the authinfo code, please follow the procedure on transfer from viNASK. A detailed description of the procedure is on this website.