Whois database

NASK, as the .pl country code registry, provides data on registered domain names. Those data may be retrieved from the WHOIS database.

Registration availability of a domain name may be checked in the domain browser at the main website.

WHOIS browser

IDN is represented in DNS by ASCII string with the "xn--" prefix. More in section IDN.


WHOIS displays data with a delay not exceeding 15 minutes in relation to the .pl Registry system.

See what the WHOIS messages mean

No information on domain name in the Registry NASK database

Domain name does not exist in the Registry NASK database.

Domain name is awaiting registration

Domain name filed for registration; it may remain in that state for 14 days.

Domain name is released from the queue, available for registration

Domain name is no longer queueing for registration, it may remain in that state for 90 days and is subject to registration through registrars labelled with “book_blocked”.

Domain name's billing period has finished

Paid billing period has ended; domain name may remain in that state for 30 days.

Domain name is to be released after termination

Agreement on Domain Name Maintenance has been terminated; domain name may remain in that state for 5 days.

Domain name is undergoing proceeding

Domain name maintenance has been suspended until all doubts about the cooperation with a registrant are dispelled.