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Quality at NASK

We are proud that NASK is the first registry in the world to implement a quality management system in compliance with ISO 9001 standard. Since March 2004 we have been certified by a leading international certifying institution - Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC).

The quality management system includes all processes of domain name registration and maintenance carried out by NASK.

We have been consequently running the policy on the quality of domain registration and maintenance which compels us to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction and zero-error rate as well as to improve cooperation with our Partners, strategic accounts of NASK.

The certificate, granted to us, is an independent document showing our clients that our actions are based on uniform rules. Direct and most noticeable benefits of a certified system include but are not limited to continuous improvement of existing business processes, specification of a transparent scope of responsibility and entitlements of employees, enhancement of inner communication, thus decreasing the number of errors and complaints - says Paweł T. Goławski, acting Quality Management Representative at NASK.

Quality certificate