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ENUM is a project based on registration of telephone numbers in the domain names system (DNS) according to E. 164 standards. Other telephone numbers, email addresses, websites or vCards of certain subscriber may be associated with the number, registered in this way. Thanks to this, the subscriber may have one universal number (identifier) while using lot of different telecommunication services.

As of 29 February 2008 NASK started ENUM domain registration. For Registry - Registrar relations the Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP) is used .


ENUM domain registration process is established after public consultations with Polish Numbering Regulatory Authority - UKE:

  • UKE - accepts new registration rules for ENUM domain names download
  • NASK's draft project download
  • PTC's comments download
  • NASK comments and the final proposal download
Price list

The net price for one year of ENUM domain maintenance for Partners of NASK is 5 PLN.

Contact details for Operators:

Registrar Programme Development Team
contact: partner@dns.pl