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.pl domain names even safer

.pl domain Registry launched at NASK a new service - .pl Registry Lock – increasing the security level of domain names.

The service provides an additional layer of protection of a domain name, at the Registry level, against unauthorized or accidental administrative changes on the domain name, attempted deletion or takeover, e.g. as a result of cyberattack, error or unpredicted action of third parties. The service prevents from executing certain actions on the domain name without an explicit consent of the registrant.

Implementation of the new service by the .pl domain Registry is a NASK’s next step towards further security development of the .pl country code domain. .pl Registry Lock, besides domain names secured with DNSSEC, is a consecutive security service to include in the offer of registrars of the Polish domain. As a result of further strengthening and constant maintaining the stability of services in the Polish Registry, the DNS anycast project is also being developed.

A major threat to an unsecured domain name is domain hijacking, i.e. taking administrative control over the domain name, allowing, e.g. to specify different name servers servicing the particular domain name. A registrant’s website and email accounts may be rerouted to other location, allowing an offender to freely administer the content of those services, gain access credentials and infect users with malicious software, and thus expose the registrant to a significant economic loss and reputational damage.

The .pl Registry Lock is a service dedicated to a demanding registrant, for whom the guarantee of security and stability of maintained resources is of strategic importance. In particular it applies to financial and insurance enterprises, large corporations and media interested in increasing the security level of online services. With a view to flow of information on bank accounts, credit cards and other methods of payment, the new service of the .pl domain Registry is particularly recommended for the e-commerce sector.

More information on .pl Registry Lock can be found here.